Sunday, November 29, 2015

Great Gluten Free Black Friday Deal!

Let's talk amazing Black Friday gluten free deals!!!
First off, I have an app on my phone called checkout 51. Check it out at You earn cash back on every day groceries, gluten free groceries, at stores you already shop at!  With the app on my phone, I head to Walmart as they added Catelli Gluten Free Pasta as their Black Friday deal. I love stores that give deals on gluten free products. It makes my day!!!
Now, it gets even better!!! When I get to Walmart, I see that Walmart has the Catelli gluten free pasta already on sale. Any 2 (fusilli, penne, macaroni, or any combination) for $4. It is normally $2.27, which is already priced well for gluten free pasta. 
So... I buy 2 boxes of fusilli and 1 box of macaroni for $6.27, and then when I get home, I upload the receipt on my Checkout 51 app and get the Black Friday deal which is buy 3 Catelli Gluten Free Pasta and save $3. The $3 is added to my cash back total, which I get the cash back when I hit $20. In 2 shopping trips, I already have $8.50 cash back on food I normally buy anyways, at stores I normally shop at!!! 
Check out the different varieties of gluten free pasta that Catelli makes at  Catelli gluten free pasta is delicious and I managed to pay $3.27 for 3 boxes!!!
Great deals and both are on for the week!!!

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