Monday, April 4, 2011

Bakery on Main Gourmet Naturals

A couple of weeks ago I received a sample package of a variety of gluten free products from Bakery on Main. With a very dear friend of mine, we tasted the various products. There were a large selection of granolas, soft and chewy granola bars, and gluten free granola bars to choose from. All are gluten free, dairy free, casein free, and kosher.
The granola came in 5 flavours; apple raisin walnut, rainforest, extreme fruit and nut, nutty cranberry maple, and cranberry orange cashew. Our personal favourite was the apple raisin walnut. It was naturally sweet with a nice mix of different flavours. I liked the nutty flavour in the nutty cranberry maple. The Extreme Fruit and Nut was a little sweet for my taste, but I enjoyed the texture of it and I loved the cranberries in it!
The soft and chewy gluten free granola bars came in 3 flavours; peanut butter and jelly, chocolate almond, and apple cinnamon. Our personal favourite was apple cinnamon. We both really enjoyed the chewy texture and it had just the right amount of apple and cinnamon combined. It also smelled delicious! The chocolate almond was nice and we found the peanut butter and jelly to be a strong tasting combination, but it may be great for those missing peanut butter and jam sandwiches!
The gluten free granola snack bars came in 3 flavours; cranberry maple nut, peanut butter chocolate, and extreme trail mix. Our personal favourite was the cranberry maple nut, however, the peanut butter chocolate was a close second!
I want to thank Bakery on Main for sending me tasty, nutritious, gluten free snacks to sample. It is nice to have such a large variety of gluten free granola and granola bars as an option at snack time, and to know that they are healthy and safe to eat.