Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help Send a Gluten Free Child To Summer Camp

In the spirit of the giving season, I want to bring your attention to a fundraiser I’m helping promote this week for a great gluten free cause.
This week through to Sunday December 25, Gluten-Free Saver has partnered with Van's Natural Foods to raise money to send gluten free children to next summer's CDF (Celiac Disease Foundation) sponsored summer camp. Van is matching all donations up to $1000. The goal is to raise $2000.
I speak from personal experience when I tell you what an amazing gift this is for a child, because last summer my daughter had the opportunity to go to a summer camp that was gluten free. It truly is a wonderful experience and an amazing opportunity for these children.
This week, I have seen many blogs just like mine put out this very important information and I think it is great to see the whole gluten free community coming together for such a great cause.
I feel honored to be a part of this special fundraiser.
Happy Holidays!

Gluten-Free Saver