Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surround Yourself With Good People

I am always trying to teach my children and my clients, and anyone else who will listen to me, to surround themselves with good people and this world will be a better place. When you have specific dietary requirements, like gluten free, dairy free, or life-threatening allergies, some people around you "get it" and some people do not. I appreciate it so much when family and friends take it seriously and go out of their way to help anyway they can. Sometimes it's a phone call to let us know what is being served at an event we are going to, sometimes it is an email letting us know about a new gluten free product, and sometimes it's ordering us a gluten free pizza at a birthday party so we can just come to the party and not have to worry about the food.
Yesterday we received a letter from a woman who was my daughter's teacher three years ago. She has since retired from teaching and moved away, but she sent us a note saying hello and four new gluten free recipes, all of which looked delicious! I can't tell you how excited we all were from this act of kindness. I can now pass along these recipes to clients, friends, and family and the gift keeps on giving!!! Thank you Mrs. Green for keeping us in your heart and I will pay it forward.
Things like this make me know that I am teaching my children that surrounding yourself with good people is such a big lesson and I will continue to stress that in our everyday lives. Little things make a big, positive impact on other people's lives, so continue to do the little things because they truly are appreciated!!
Have a great gluten free day!

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